Pleated Stainless Steel Felt Filter
Pleated Stainless Steel Felt Filter Cartridge (PSSF) have the specialities of high strength, structural stability under high temperature. The high porosity enabled the fast flow rate. It is available in most solution for fluids and gases in high temperature and high flow rate applications. PSSF can provide absolute removal ratings.    


■ Materials of Construction


Filter Medium
316 stainless steel wire felt
Structural Components
100% 316stainless steel
Seal Materials
Please refer to ordering information
Construction Method
Welded( no adhesives)
Removal rating
20um,40um, 60um
Φ 65mm Φ70mm ....


■ Features and Benefits


  • • Absolute Particles removal rating
  • • Available in 316 stainless steel for compatibility choice with aggressive chemicals
  • •Cartridge can be clean and resued
  • • Dimensional integrity of stainless steel media accommodates high flow rate and high temperature systems
  • • Welded construction eliminates the need for adhesives which can be a contaminant source
  • •Variety of seal configurations allow retrofit in many filter vessel desins


■ Operating Conditions


Operating Temperature
-75℃~ +480℃
Maximum Pressure Difference
0.2Mpa (from inside to outside)
0.5Mpa (from outside to inside)


■ Applications


  • • Aggressive chemical and gases
  • • Clarify filtration
  • • High temperature process
  • •Process steam
  • •Viscous fulid
  • •High pressure process
  • •Corrosive fluids
  • •Polymer filtration
  • •Oxidized water
  • •Hot Lube






■ Ordering Information


Please consult [email protected] for further details on this product.