Expanded PTFE Gasket Tape
Cobetter Expanded PTFE Gasket Tape Tight and Reliable Seal Cobetter ePTFE gasket tape consists of 100% expanded PTFE, the special manufacturing process creats a soft, flat and flexible sealant material.



The unique expanded structure provides high compressibility, the material gives excellent chemical compatibility and high temperature resistance. The tape can be compressed easily into an extremely low thickness with minimal clamping stress to seal. It forms a very tight seal for smooth, rough, irregular surfaces and corners.


Cobetter expanded PTFE tape is resistant to creep, relaxation, cold flow and unwanted deformation.


This form-in-place tape can be used to form any complex shape instantly without pre-cutting, allows quick customization on-site. It’s available in a wide range of thickness and widths according to your demands.


Feathures and Benefits


  • - 100% ePTFE, excellent chemical and temperature resistance
  • - Soft and flexible, fits any surface instantly
  • - Self adhesive, quick installation with customization on-site
  • - Highly compressible, easy sealing and excellent tightness
  • - Resist creep relaxation and cold flow


Technical Characteristics


100% expanded PTFE
Temperature Range
-240C - +310C
Chemical Resistance
pH range 0 - 14
Operation Pressure
< 200 bar


Size Selection


Thickness (mm) Width (mm)
0.5 - 7
3.0 - 150



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