Cobetter High Flow TefloGas Vent Autoclave Filter Cartridges

Cobetter High Flow TefloGas® Vent Autoclave Filter Cartridges are designed for critical applications

 where sterile air is required to break the vacuum formed by the condensation of steam inside the

 autoclave chamber. The filter cartridges consist of aninherently hydrophobic PTFE membrane removing all particles down to 0.01µm, therefore, ensuring the removal of microorganisms including bacteria and viruses.



Cobetter High Flow TefloGas Vent Auotclave Filter Cartridges have been completely validated by the Bacterial Challenge Test using Pseudomonas diminuta, in aerosol and liquid forms, to ensure total bacterial retention.  In addition, Aerosol Challenge Tests have been performed using T1 Bacteriophage (0.05µ x 0.1µm) and small particles to allow for gas removal rating of 0.01µm ensuring bacteria and bacteriophage removal.  This results in complete security during the vacuum break period regardless of internal flow rate.


They meet the requirements for food contact pertaining to European Regulation (EC) 1935/2004and USP <88> for Class VI-121°C Plastics making them the optimal choice for venting in sterilization applications.

Features and Benefits

·         High Flow Rates

·         Inherently Hydrophobic

·         Strong Mechanical Strength

·         Steam Sterilization at 140°C in an Autoclave

·         Each Element is Integrity Tested to Guarantee Performance and Reliability

·         Manufactured according to ISO9001:2008

Operating Conditions
Max. Temperature   70
Max. Differential Pressure    4.5bar/80

Please contact us at [email protected] for additional information regarding DHV Vent Autoclave Filter Cartridges for sterilization applications.

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